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I never get all that excited at striper fishing ya know.....drive the boat, burn some gas, pick and choose what your going to drag in the water.....bla bla bla......I went to the fishing center and took some photos for you all that were stuck behind a desk and posted them for all you fine folks to see at 2:30 or so......

then my buddy calls all excited.-

Did you hear, did you hear ? Yea I heard I went and took pics, man thats a big fish !

To make a long strory short. an hour after posting pics I leave the house at 3:30.....boats leaves Rudee inlet at 4:30 ......sunset arrives right on time and we start knocking down fish .....4 lines in and 5:30 we got a limit of fish......straight out from the RAMADA......I am cleaning fish by 6:30 and nows theres my easy limit at sundown.......whats so hard about striper fishing again ? Oh yea.....its 7:30 time for JEPARDY !!





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Nice werk there J-Man!

Nice to be able to make a trip on a whim like that huh?:icon_rambo:

Talk at ya later today.............

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Jaime, you ALWAYS make it look so easy! LOL!!!!

The drag 'n snag routine still works, eh?

Nice lookin' feesh!

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