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Well, with the storm we got yesterday there was no way I was heading down the road to the james...But still I braved the fog and cold this morning and headed to Burke Lake (Fairfax County) Burke lake is home to Bass, Walleye, Muskie, Crappie and catfish...But I'll tell you what...never fishing the lake before (except one time this past summer from shore with the kids) it was an experience. Luckily I wasn't the only fool out there today and the guy before me broke the ice at the ramp...nice guy huh? I had some issues with the trailer lights and didn't get out there until about 10am (seems if you read back to my Burke lake 7/1 thread I had the same issue) Being that this was my first time on the lake with a fish finder it was more of a scouting trip. I did find some very interesting places I can't wait to fish this spring. 1 being an underwater hill....top is 3' of water that quickly drops off to about 18', 2 Was a nice 15' channel behind an island that ended up rising up slowly to 4' and lastly more structure than you can imagine down near the dam. There were points that I was marking fish on top of the structure at 8' when the bottom was at 31'. I tried some red/white, blue/white, Chartruese, Black/White, Red/Chartreuese, and pearl tubes and grubs with no luck. I fished them all on the bottom then right up through 4'. Hoping to locate some crappie. When I was by the fishing pier at the county park (park is closed so it was empty) I was marking fish between 18'-4' but nothing would even give me a nibble. I think I'll get some small minnows next time I try it. Anyhow...busted day, but absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to get back out.

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