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Took Leonard( Great White Shark) up to Hopewell today to go catt'n......slept in and headed up late......got there around 11 or so and by 11:20 I had a 35 pounder on and Leo hand grabbed his first big cat because it broke my net ! .....Thats the only fish I got all day........lots of nibblers and several takers but none landed except for the 3 fish the Leonard got...... all fish were released unharmed after the fight.....we didnt even have any heavy tackle with us.......every thing was light tackle from 4 pound test to 12 being heavest........the fellows the next bend in the river slwayed the crappie up river from the bridge .......all we took were 2 pics.......great day on the water and only got rained on twice......



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Nice catch there J!

Look like the weather forecast maykee me from that Ho ride again this week! We'll see.....:confused3:

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