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Well it's been some time since I got out fishing, but I snuck out today for two hours and tossed some bait at LIP wile the wife and kids were at home sick.

Didn't comehome with the skunk, as I got a decent size spiny doggie. Two others had been out there all day and only doggies to show for it.

Had a seal come up beside the pier for a few minutes and managed to get two shots of it. First seal I have seen in the wild down here, and it was a pretty amazing creature. Surprised at how lightning fast they can be if they want as he effortlessly rode a wave to the beach and back in a split second.

Here's the best I could do with Pic's as once I had the camera, he didn't stay still.

In the suds:


Looking for food:


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pretty cool, Steve. I've only seen one here on AI and I thought it was a scuba diver at first glance! LOL

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