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I agree -- 1st place DQ'ed if you can't follow the rules you don't deserve the money.

2nd place -- well the polygraph is part of the rules for a reason, if you fail it your out. What would be the point of having the polygraph if people who failed where awarded money.

3rd place -- He should get the 1st place money ONLY.

The next two biggest fish should get 2nd and 3rd.

If this was the only qualifying fish the rest of the prize money should be given out as to the rules of the tournament. If the rules state if only one fish is caught then all three prizes go to the person then so be it. If the rules state it will be evenly distributed between all competitors then so be it, if the rules state there should be a random drawing for the money then so be it.

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After the lawyers get their cut he'll have less money than the original third place to begin with. Maybe first place guy didn't take polygraph cause you have to be straight/sober to get a good baseline. Heck after a fish like that would have taken me 6 months to take the I watched that one weighed in - what a beast.

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