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Left Little Creek about 7:00 with Robert (playnhooky), Patrick (Midwestransplant) and Tommy Wild onboard. The plan was a bit different today because the forecast was about 2 hours late one foot my a$$!!!!! We decided to drift some eels off Kiptopeke again, there was basically two fleets of boats one around the 18 buoy and one off Plantation light so we set up dead in the middle away from everyone The bite was a bit slower today I think because of a lack of current. It went from dead low tide to completely high tide with no current to speak of at all. We did manage eight fish from 38” to 43”. We missed four other fish due to an eel that would constantly ball up on the hook. Seems as if the size of fish were smallish today but nonetheless a FUN day!!!

Water temp was 46 degrees, outgoing tide, drifting an eel on a 5/0 octopus circle hook, many of our fish came near the bottom today, 1.5 nm north of buoy 18.

I think it may be time to break out the trolling gear soon I will do a trolling podcast perhaps this weekend. I think you will find it interesting and helpful.

Again total team effort!!!! A big thanks to Tommy, Patrick Ron and Robert!!

Robert’s 43”






Tommy and Robert


Patrick's 38"


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