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Left Little Creek just after two (again) with Robert (playnhooky), Don (Old School) and Ron Banta onboard.

The plan was a bit different today we decided to drift some eels between the 4A and the CBBT. Right call!!!!

We immediately hook a 30” slot fish and then after about a 35 min. lull it busted wide open.

First fish was a 46” fat healthy fish that weighed just under 40 lbs. next were several fish just under 40” and

then Don comes up with another trophy 45” release!!! All in all seven quality fish in less than two hours!!

Head out, set-up eight rods, bag seven Trophy Rock, head in, clean boat, in front of TV before 8:00 pm

I wish it was always that easy. I'm repeating myself

Water temp was 48 degrees, outgoing tide, drifting an eel on a 5/0 octopus circle hook, no lead,

2.1 nm due east of the High level.

My eel presentation podcast is on my site… Chumlordfishing.com I think you will find it interesting and heplful.

Check it out.

Once again it was a total team effort thanks again to Don, Ron and Robert!!

My 46"



Don's 45" (released)



Ron with his 40"


Robert with a 38"


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I hear from many surf fisherman that the stripers are not in the numbers what they were in the years past. I would have to disagree.

All I am hearing (boat fisherman) and reading (newspapers) that the stripers are so thick off our coast you can walk across them. The only problem, in our waters, they are off the coast past the 3 mile zone.

They are some fine catches. I wish we had more of those darn things swimming around in casting range.

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