Yet another way to get you bait OUT THERE!!

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my luck i would buy one and first trip on the way out a friggen big ole bluefish would take a hunk out of it !!

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Cool!, When I was 15 or so (just a couple years back) I bought a RC boat similar to this one.It was a put together kit, needless to say a bit above my skill level at that time.I got a good bit of the kit built but had some problems I could not solve.I packed it away and forgot about it.This thread has me thinking, cool winter projecticon10.gif Lana Marie 4? Maybe not,If this global warming thing kicks in and we end up with a foot or so more water depth where I'm at I can get a bigger boat so I'll save that name.:eusa_dance:I think I'll start a new thread (project bait boat) so everyone who wants can follow along:happy6:

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