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Left Little Creek just after six (again) with Bruce (saltyfishin), Patrick (Midwest Transplant) and Wayne Phillips onboard. The plan was to drift eels at Kiptopeke and not slip over to the High-rise because we knew somebody would be home in the deep water off the Eastern shore. We managed to bag four nice Rockfish all over 40” not huge fish but certainly nice ones. The best thing about the trip was that we managed to boat all these fish before 9:00 am, actually the fish were all boated within one hour!!!

Head out, set-up six rods, bag four Trophy Rock, head in, clean fish, in front of TV before noon!!!!! I wish it was always that easy

Water temp was 48 degrees, outgoing tide, drifting an eel on a 5/0 octopus circle hook, no lead, 3.6 nm north of the 18 buoy off Kiptopeke on the west side of the deep water.

I tweeked my eel presentation and I will share it with you all via a podcast and my blog page. You will be able to see it say… around Tuesday at Chumlordfishing.com I think you will find it interesting and heplful.

It was a total team effort thanks again to Bruce, Patrick and Wayne!!!












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Nice work again Lou!

Had a Ho ride today, but am sick as a dog so I had to back out.

Was it a zoo out there again today??

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Very nice indeed!

Posted a picture on the home page.

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