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I've been working really hard these past few weeks now I need to get out there before the Stripers are gone:crybaby2:. I'm going to Rudee to catch some bait fish then it's off to Chics Beach if anyone wants to come feel free to join me. :icon_thumright: I hope to see my friends out & about Jamie, Dixie, Bucket, Darrel you guys game give me a call to let me know???? :3gears: Driving out this Saturday afternoon into the night , but first taking the family out in the morning 4 lunch at the mall & let my daughter see:icon_santa: then it's off :fish:fishing !!!


GREAT WHITE SHARK :glasses2: , OUT!!!


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will be passing under the lesner bridge in a big black 30 foot boat at 0800..........this morning Leo.

Dont danger of the striper being gone anytime soon brother, we got over 2 months left......(and I got a new boat) Lets Roll :icon_rambo:

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