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We fished the Delaware surf Friday afternoon from 1:00 p.m. til 6:30. I caught one 10" blue and my buddy got a 20" striper. Dogfish and LARGE skates were plentiful.

I fished again this morning from daybreak to noon. I thought I was going to catch tiny skates all day, but I was wrong. I caught a huge skate too. The skate hit like a large blue but soon turned into an old tire.

There was a giant flock of gannets worjking about 1/2 mile out today. Smaller flocks got within 300 yards or so. Smaller birds were feeding on something in close. A netter I know is still catching big stripers and bunker in the mid Delaware Bay.....

I still have a cooler full of fresh bunker, and the forcast isn't looking too good for tomorrow.....

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