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Left Little Creek shortly after four with John M. Eric (Sawdust), and Robert (playnhooky) onboard. The plan was to drift eels at Kiptopeke and then slip over to the High-rise if nobody was home in the deep water off the Eastern shore. At the very tail end of the outgoing which seemed to go on forever last night we pick up this hard fighting VERY healthy 46” Rockfish. Unfortunately it was only a one fish night but I guess that’s the one fish that makes the night worthwhile. Anyway the fish was revived and released healthy and in perfect condition.

Water temp was 52 degrees, end of the outgoing tide, drifting an eel on a 5/0 octopus circle hook, 3 oz of lead, just a few pylons south of the High-rise on the edge of the deep water.

It was a total team effort thanks again to Robert, Eric and John!!!

John’s Release




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Nice work!

Good to see some starting to show at the High rise!

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