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Steve cut me some slack today cause I didnt want to get up to the freezing temps and head out at O'dark-30. I suggested we meet at 8, knowing he is always late anyway,it would be around 9 before we got on the water to start catching bait.....Scott & his Daughter were already on the river getting bait when Steve got there and started to get bait himself- suprise suprise he got there before me !! I arrived at 8 sharp and he pulled back to the dock and we were on our way up river to DUTCH GAP. First hole we passed up because there were 1000 GAR busting the water chasing bait.....dropped anchor and in the first 10 minutes we had 2 fish at the next spot. He got a 22 and the second fish was mine at 34......next fish was his at 28. I popped open a soda and got me a oatmeal cream pie.....I am kicked back and the farthest rod from me starts to bounce, once - twice and SLAM goes the tip in the water......"Jamie there goes your 50 pounder, that fish is yours"...he said~~~ I replied "No go ahead I am having a snack"..He grabbed the rod and cried like the whimp he is when he begged me to get the net....I filmed it on VIDEO instead & handed him the net.....as I watched threw the view finder I realized I had made a big mistake....over the gunnel of the boat comes a 66 pounder - If you know me, then you know I was like - oh well - I'll get me one.....pull anchor and head to another spot and got all set up and here comes the bass boat 90 MPH right by us....first fish here goes 36 and ( he got it too ) then a good run on the drag and I knew it was my 50 pounder !! fight fight fight reel reel reel....45 pounds......dag gone it.......lets move back a little bit....pull anchor and we move just about 100 yards or so - as soon as all lines are out the FIRE DRILL starts....wham goes my first rod........ITS BIG !! Steve gets out the camera and starts a new VIDEO....ok its on now and I am just about to land my new personal best fish - WHOOO HOOO 53 POUNDS !! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.....Oh Oh Oh wait another rod goes down....I get a 53 and a double.....next fish goes 56 !! OH YEA !! 2 new PB's....Holy Moly the THIRD rod goes off screaming drag !! NO WAY - gimmie the camera Steve and let me film you again.....a third fish that goes 51 - TRIPLE 50'S in one wack !! OMG what a day !! we just sat there gasping for air.......15 minutes later we move on to the last hole and only put out 4 rods this time.......got a dink like 12 pounds that I kissed and let go.....Steve let me get the last 3 fish, a knothead male that was 32 and a sweety little hunny at 42 pounds who I thankfully hugged,kissed and released as we did all fish caught today.....I hope I got the pics in order as the day unfolded.....what a wonderfull place this area called DUTCH GAP is......












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What a great day Jaime! I really enjoyed your story, thank you for taking the time to write it for all of us. Great pictures too, looked like you were bedding down with that one kitty. :D

Looks like an awesome place. Hope everyone else practices catch & release. It would be a nice place to pass to the young'uns.

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Very nice...I have put the boat in at dutch gap several times and never managed anything bigger than about a 5# fish. I might have to come down and hide in the bait well to see how you do it :)

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Way to go my brother (Jamie):icon_thumleft: those are some sweet cats:cat: you caught most of them had alot of meat on them yummy:tongue:. Sorry I got your 2 messages I just could get back with ya because I've been working 10-14 hours a day at work. I did leave you a message today on your cell phone around 3pm. Hope to hear from ya soon maybe we can do some fishing this weekend. I saw the pics. & it looks like you & your friend had a blast hauling in those fish I sure wish it was me.:eusa_pray: Maybe someday soon. Well chat with you later aligator!!!! :cya:LET'S HERE IT FOR JAMIE :eusa_clap::eusa_clap::eusa_clap::eusa_clap:!!!!



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