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Headed out with Bucket for a few short hours this morning. Went out to the Duck Inn, but looked like we were a bit late and the fishing area was already lined up with 12+ wading.

From there headed to NOB to see what we could find. Bucket immediately hooked up with a schoolie rock at 21" on a mirrolure, then I got one and saw several more flashing.

While I was trying to get the three sets of mirrolure hooks out, the schoolies put on a brief 5 minute show bustin bait out all over the place. We got a few more, but then it was over as fast as it began.

Managed a few more, before they went off in the distance. Ended the day with about 6 schoolies and nothing else. Kept a 21" and 18" for dinner tonight with the kids.

Did see a nice 30" pup caught and a few other schoolies as well.

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sweet man !! the past 3 hours anglers were all over the oceanfront from 8th to 1st street catching pups all along the beach

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:icon_thumright::icon_thumleft: Great job Dixie & Bucket we all have to get together some time and rake in this sweet fishies. Thanks for the comment of my Striper had him for dinner tonight and the rest of the family :icon_syda: it. They are good & yummy :tongue:!!! give me a call some time ok :cya:...

Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!!!

VCAN (Virginia Coastal Access Now) MEMBER

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