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Ya gotta have one for the yakkers :) I am a SC yak fisherman and love it... I fish a lot of the grass flats off the ICW, tidal creeks of the 3 main rivers we have here chasing speckled trout, redfish ( red drum) flounder, blues, well basically anything with fins that will bite. I like to fly fish from my yak and meet up with other yak fisherman to learn new rigs and spots... How's the yak fishin up north? My brother lives in Williamsburg VA and is coming down for some REAL yak fishin next weekend... here are a few shots of my latest excursion...






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Great pics man. Those salt marshes look like alot of fun. There used to be a yakkin forum, but they changed it all around a while back. You can post more pictures like that wherever ya want. :happy7:

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