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I know we've all talked about this...but I think I'm going to contact them and ask them about water conditions...This one is the first I've seen with an actual finder on it.

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You may have to contact Japan for info. The web site merely sells it. I'm always cautious about a "one package has all" type of product. You are right to be curious about water conditions, I'd wonder if it can handle the breakers too. More so, can it hold onto 8Nbait for the trip. They speak of lakes and ocean. Well, lakes are pretty calm, no real current, winds or waves. Plus, you use less than an ounce.

And why does it come with "spare parts"? Hmmm, wonder how fragile it is....

Not being negative, it may be a fine (but large) product for lakes. I just wouldn't spend that amount of money for it.

On the other hand Jeff, I sure would allow YOU to spend the money! Let us know how it holds up in the breakers!


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