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On October 28th be a part of history! Rally in an initiative to amend New Jersey’s Constitution

to guarantee citizens the right to hunt and fish & demand the removal of bills A3275 & S2041.

Battle of Monmouth

Rally for the Constitutional Right to Hunt and Fish

When: Sunday, October 28th 2007 4:00 PM

Where: ** Clarksburg Inn, Monmouth County

The Battle of Monmouth was a decisive struggle of the Revolutionary War. It was not only war’s biggest one-day battle but was also the first strong showing for the

Continental Army and provided a much needed boost to troop morale. It also increased public support for the war that was to ultimately free the colonies from their oppressor -

Great Britain.

On October 28th 2007 the Battle of Monmouth will be fought again, but this time it will liberate our outdoor heritage from a different oppressor - Trenton.

Never again will anglers, hunters, trappers, and shooters allow politicians to whittle away their outdoor freedoms, or let the uninformed mock the integrity of their wholesome values by creating vindictive legislation.

Join in the support to protect our time-honored traditions, hear speakers discuss the malicious nature of bills A3275 & S2041 (sponsored by Asm. Panter, Sen. Karcher, Asw.

Greenstein) written to ban freshwater fishing, hunting, and trapping. Learn the process for making hunting and fishing a constitutional right.

Bring your family so that they can all secure a place in New Jersey’s history. Rally with people who share your values. Unite to change the face of New Jersey politics. Be a part

of an event that is bigger than each of us - join the Battle of Monmouth!

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lol at least ya are passionate about what our forfothers wanted:icon_queen:

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just a reminder in history................................why is Maryland called the "Old line State"?

Makes me proud of my state *sniff :icon_thumright:

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