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Well the family and I spent the weekend camping and fishing at Cape Henlopen this past weekend. It was my first time camping there, a nice camp ground that I look forward to staying at again. As for the fishing we fished only the pier , because I do not have a beach access permit for my vehicle and the office was closed on Saturday for me to get one. We fished Friday night after we were set up and caught zilch, nada, not a darn thing, but we were only throwing lures, and it was dead slack tide.:icon_scratch: I did see under every light on the pier some very nice schools of finger mullet, of course I failed to bring my cast net, so live and learn I guess.:cussing: We went to the pier again on Saturday, this time armed with squid and fresh mullet, plus the tide was on it's way in:happy7:with much different results. We caught blue after blue after blue, they seemed to prefer the mullet over the squid, but a few were caught on squid. We were using a couple of different set ups, 2 rods had blue fish rigs on them, one rod had a mullet rig, one rod had just your standard top and bottom rig. The large blues seemed to prefer the mullet rig, over the rest, but the blue fish rigs did catch some. On top of the blues my son caught 1 keeper flounder at 18.5" and we all caught several smooth doggies, which I will admit can become a pain, but were life savers because it kept the little one happy. (when she's ready to go, everybody's ready to go)but she reeled the doggies up, and could touch them before I tossed them back. This allowed all of us to stay out on the pier much longer than expected.

Unfortunately on top of my cast net I also forgot the camera so no pictures, but that gives me reason enough to come back in the spring and do it all over again. This time with the surf pass.:3gears:


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Thanks for the report. My family and I love camping at Henlopen too.

Next time you are on the pier at night, try 2" SW Assasins in assorted colors fished spec-rig style on 1/8 oz jig heads. That's the go-to rig down there. Small jigs fished with strips of bait work real well also.

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Ahhh, Doggie reports already!

Can't wait to start reeling them bait stealers again. Man were they thick last year!

Nice report!

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