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Sorry for the late Post.

Well... Not much really to Report other than we Got Our tailends handed to us!

Headed out Sat. around 3'ish and headed for the same spot in the Wilmington. Water looked like doo-doo, Temps were in the LOW 70's. Not Good.

Went to spot #4 (on our GPS) and it was holding Bait along w/ lots and lots of FLIPPER!!!

Managed to Release 2 Flippers

We had 3 bites - They either did not come tight or broke off.

We Released a Short 44" Sword

Say around 4am - the wind Kicked up - We were drifting over 3 knts. Come 5:30 we were @ the S Hayes Canyon with 75 miles to go!

Close 6' sea w/ a nice White Cap that would break over the bow only allowed us to run 10-11knts. Wasn't a fun ride.... 6.5 hrs later... We were Home!

So... In Summary..... The trip really lousy. Not so much that we did not produce - It was:

A. We should have been drinking beer on LAND somewhere

B. We were a little Late. I think the warm water is gone from the Wilmington. Try to hunt for another spot before we put her away for the season.

C. The tail Whoopin

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