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A few of my buddies and I from Talbot St, decided to go out on a 3 day offshore trip on the Angler, since it appeared we were gonna have a stretch of good weather. We headed east to the Baltimore Canyon on Sunday afternoon, and got setup just before dark. We didnt have any action for most of the night, but then I was awaken around 3am by line peeling off the rod that i was sleeping next 2. I set the hook, fought it for about 10mins then the line went slack...thought i lost it...next thing i know a 150lb mako is leapin up and smacks the railing on the side of the boat right next to where my buddy matt was standing. Now this is a rail on a headboat so its probably a good 7-8 off the water. Then the shark races to the bow then jumps and slams the side of the bow rail..After about a 40 minute fight we finally get ready to hoist him in the boat when a 12ft blue sharks tries to take a chunk out of him...

We did pick up one 50lb yellowfin before day break, then we trolled all day with no luck. The next night we got into some tunas at sunset. We ended up going 3 for 6 on 80+lb yellowfins, as well as a 100lb swordfish.... we had good weather, good fishing, and good company...cant wait to do it again

top left-right

Jason of Baltimore, Capt Darrell Nottingham of Angler, Nick of Baltimore, Matt Temple of Angler, David Nottingham

bottom left-right

Capt Steven Whitelock of the Happy Hooker, Capt Chris Mizurak of Angler, and Dean Lo of Angler.


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Great report, and nice job on the sword! Lucky you were on a head boat, and not a smaller one...someone would've gotten muffed up!!!

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Good Job on the Tuna:glasses1: ..........not to thrilled about taking a "baby" Sword:angry2:but thats just me

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