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Headed out of Lunnhaven today with DB77 for some specks.

Hit the beds for a bit, but nada on the action. Went out to the 1st Island of the CBBT and only manged a taylor blue, but it was a nice one around 2 pounds. Lost several storm baits while we were trying for some rockfish.

Headed back in and got into a swarm of gulls working over some chovies and blues. had fun there for a bit, then back inside Lynnhaven.

Using the Berkley Gulp Alive 4" Chartreuse swimming mullet with a red jig head, I managed about 4 specks (all tossed back to grow up some more), 1 puppy drum @ 14" and a flounder that shook loose right as I went to get the hook out by the boat (quick release).

Nothing specktackular, but not a bad day either and a nice little inshore slam at that!

Looking forward to the AMSA Tourney this week!:blob1:

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