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i live near wrightsville beach (channel haven to be exact) and just came back from bank fishing in the intracoastal down at the end of the road with my brother and a friend of his--really just kind of hanging out feeding pinfish-----this happened about 10:30pm, 10.13.2007, while tide was coming in.

we had been there about an hour catching nothing of consequence when the friend put on a little piece of squid, cast out about 50 feet (a bad cast), and immediately hooked up with something freakin' big before it could sink.

had about 30# test on a small older rod, it ran like hell at first stripping off line, i tightened the drag for him (it was all he could do to hang on). it fought then sort of stopped in place (still couldnt reel in), ran some more, etc. he was starting to run out of line so we tightened up until it could just barely strip a little every now and then. this went on about 15-20 minutes and it seemed to tire--we were getting in foot by foot it seemed.

then, it seemed to stop still for about 4-5 minutes, started off again and then........the damn line broke (at the hook knot--he was using no leader). the line was a little roughed up up to about 2 feet from the end but not too bad.

any ideas?

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