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Headed out to the Wilmington On Sat into Sun. Went w/ Andy and Phil and headed out around 2:30 - 3 on Sat.

I forgot the Camera. So, I have No Pics.

Ride out was beautiful, little foggy but flat.

Chunked for all night - THANKS PHIL!

First thing reeled to the boat - A STING RAY!

Little while later had a 50 get dumped... nice fish, but we didnt have a chance on it, straight down, didnt even slow it up.

Few seconds later, hooked up to a nice 67lb longfin Ryan was on the reel, and on the deck it went, then IN THE BOX.

Reset and got the lines back in, and a few minutes later, fish on. I took the rod, and on the deck another 68lb longfin. IN THE BOX it went.

Then if I remember correctly... Phil was Up and boated a Real nice 71# Yellowfin. On the boat it went and into the box it went.

Anyway.... The Funniest story of the night was this....

Phil was up and fought a Real nice YF. It put a hurting on him for a while... This was #5 in the boat... I'm gonna guess and say she was around 70-75# Big Boy!

Dead & Done... Andy bleeds the fish and its starts freaking out.. Spilling blood ALL over the place.. Even Kicked out the heart onto the deck. About 10 minutes go by (shes cooling down) and she does Her LAST Dance... Ya know the Last dance they do before the Die...

Well.......... The last dance went like this.... It's dancing and flopping all over the Port side.....

Flops over to the transom door

Hits the Transom door Latch.

Transom door OPENS UP...

Fish is still Dancing - Flip Floping around the deck - SLOWLY moving BACK thru the Door...

Andy Dives for the eye ball (he's on the Port side)

Ryan Dives for the Mouth (I'm on the Stb side)

The fish was Slimed up - Covered in Blood - I could NOT get a good Grip on it and Neither did Andy...

AWAY she went... Out the Transom Door - Swimming Backwards in Circles. I could have Cried.

It happened so Fast - But, I can see the whole thing in SLOW Motion in my head!

Ahhh.... We need to order a lock and spring for the door - ASAP!

Another Great Trip on the NOT RIGHT!

We were High Hook for about 30 minutes when Out of Control came in with 5.

We finished the day up w/ 4 in the Box - 1 Release - 1 Loss.

Our Odds are MUCH better on this trip! We were @ the Wilmington again. However, I'm not so sure what the call would be for next weekend. There were reports from the Baltimore (which we were going to go up until we talked to Paul from Michael D) and the Lindencol.

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Sounds like you guys had a fun trip,great story but sorry for the loss:icon_thumright:

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