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Just talked to Noncaster who is out on the pier. Scattered Blues and Spot with crystal clear water and no grass.

No Reds, but the big news is that an angler has caught two citation King Mackerel from the end. One on a float rig and the other on a pin rig. Can you say WOW! :happy3::eek::eusa_dance::blob1:That's a feat for down here, been a long time since they have had Kings that big there.

Water must be way warm still for them to be around! Gives me hope on the drum run going a bit longer than normal.

If I see the pic's circulating. I will post!!!

I'm going fishing here at 2pm with Bucket....Report back later!

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fished dam neck last nite and this morning for 2 hours at each high tide- all bluefish each time. nutten else

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