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Started off Monday am just after sunrise at BBNWR and hit the beach until just after 11-NO REDS....lots of black drummies were tagged and released.......2 spot kept for bait for the next days outing......


Tuesday fished the seaside of Navop Dam Neck and got some very nice bluefish for dinner,1 small shark and of course lots more tagging lil drummies-1 small pompano NO REDS....kept 3 blues for bait too



Wednesday I went to Rudee at 0500 till 8 or so and tagged 2 flounder, spot were hit N miss ......left Rudee after getting more fresh bait and headed for BBNWR to meet Darryl at 10...he was in the parking lot as I pulled up and we headed down the wooden #2 walkway to our RED zone.......caught lots of black drum, all tagged & released.....DS422 got a clearnosed skate and we got several nice spot to boot,one of them thoughthe was superfish and tried hauling my rig up the beach, come to find out "something" else had it in their mouth and was on the run with it.....as you will see by the bite mark, it had some sharp teeth !.....he left at 2 and I stayed until 4pm.....I got another big bluefish right after he left and I saw a couple little "spotted crabs" .....never seen spotted crabs before, shaped and hard shell like a blue but had spots all over it- pic included too....so I left at 4- went home and ate supper then headed to Dam Neck an hour later.....fished the beach from 6 pm to 10 sucky low tie and nada but 1 fat bluefish....This day I fished Rudee for 3 hours,Back Bay for 6 hours and DamNeck for 4 hours !! - NO F$%*ing RED DRUM !!



Thursday I changed up and went to the "office" .....I sat in the Tuna chair of the LUCKY DOG and fished for specks to tag and spot for bait.....didnt get any of either one but can always count on black seabass to tag at "work" ......baitless I headed to Rudee and fished for spot off the rocks and got 4....headed to BBNWR and my little black drum friends were waiting to get their fill of fishbites again.......the cut spot did me no good cause there were NO REDS..... a few double headers on the bait rod of spot and lil pompano as well.



Friday I bait fished again and threw the casy net to get some nice mullet cause there was going to be a "crowd" this afternoon at sundown for some moonlight fishing with friends......I got there at 5 and set up, right away started tagging those cute little drum.....got 2 fresh spot as well......with a cooler full of fresh mullet......the beach bums arrived......first was Dixie and Bucket......they got set up in the dark and fished a while........then FINALLY after 5 dang days a red shows his face....off and running with my rig loaded mullet head !! It was on my light rod I had in close and I said very loudly "I got a fish,I got a fish"....Dixie comes for the assit incase the monster 44, no wait.....48 inch - by the time I get it in the wash its gotta be over 50 inches long in the darkness !!! Once the lantern was turned on and the tape measure comes out.....Andy pops up out of the darkness, hey where did he come from ? I dint even know Andy was here yet.....I lay the brute up on my cooler to tag and released the fish.....I am not sure but somehow the camera reveals only a 24 inch fish ? Ok I get it, the monster fish was in my head.....The fish I just caught,tagged,kissed and released was 24.....a FAT 24 at that and better than the last 4 friggen REDLESS days.....at least I have a starting point to beat now......next rod over had a 14 1/2 inch pup on it I had no clue was even there until I reeled in to check my bait......Then Darrel (Park03) and the Great White Shark showed up to join the crowd of us other 4 who were already there......to make a long story come to an end.....I came home at 10 last nite- baitless beat and needing a shower and shave before someone would let me come to bed........I am thinking I need a day off to hit Busch Gardens today and back at the drummies tomorro while she is at the Brad Paisly concert........






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Real nice report there!

We didn't stay too much longer last night as the tide just kept pushing out hard. Nothing but the skunk for us!

Going out today somewhere, just don't know yet.

Saltdawg just called and he just landed a 21" Pup and a ton of small black drum, so things can't be so bad.

So us some mercy Drum Gods!:help:

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Excellent report!

What a nice variety of catch ya got.

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Oh by the way J....them are Calico Crabs as I call them. Drum candy all the way.

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I love a report with stories and pictures all mixed in.

Great write up!

Keep on livin the dream....


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after i talked to dixie this morning after me and that pup tangled , we had aour share of black drums and 1 round head and 1 blue. all that ended around 1000am. fished till 1230 and hauled azz to ptown CG base for some incomming and out going action , which included 20 something spot small to large , and 2 keeper stripers. that abruptly ended around 9ish and fished till 10 pm biteless.

we had a great day and will have an even better lunch tommorow

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