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Hit the surf and got all set up as the sun rose....forgot my bait at home so I had to try for some spot on fishbites until Dave got there with his bait. Dave was the first to catch a fish....double Black Drum as expected, after tagging both little guys Dave set them free in the surf. Then I followed with 2 of my own and Dave got another double header with a Drum and a Spot on the other,then I got a small taylor bluefish .....Omega was busy filling their nets right off Sandbride beach before I even got there at 0700. Gave Dave a few pointers on surf fishing and he had to go to an appointment. After that I was alone on the beach as far as the eye could see in either dircetion !! Tagged only 6 more little Black Drum, another bluefish and a nice suprise flounder around 14 inches.....added his little but to the tag list for the day.....back at em tomorro.....




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I hate to have missed out on fishing yesterday with ya, Jamie. If not tomorrow, then definitely early next week. The door is finally finished!!!!!!!! The guy did a nice job, but it took longer than I had expected.

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