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It all started with NO Intention of Ever going out.

Left work late... Stopped over at Noobies and ate Dinner.... Then to Mateys for a beer or two... and then off to Grand Slam!

Closed 'er down again w/ Andy and we decided to go bottom bouncing on Sat whenever we woke up.

So........... The story goes like This.....

Sat. morning around 10:30am I roll into IRM and see all the tuna Fish being thrown up at the cleaning station w/ Andy. Andy looks at me and says "LETS GO"

Called Sideburns, Bohica, Ian and Blueprints.... Ian was working... Bohica has some Cramp in his Lower Middle groin area.... Sideburns showed up within an hour or so... And Kyle jumped off the Love and Luck and hopped onto the NOT RIGHT!

Left the dock (I think) around 4:30 after the Storms passed and headed for the Wilmington. Got to the East wall around 7pm. Looked around and there had to be 30-40 boats out there.

We decided (as we always do) to get AWAY from the fleet and be on our own.... And we did.

We fired up the Genny... Hooked up the lights... Kyle rigged up a bait and tossed some chunks....

No sooner than he pitched the bait.......... FISH ON!

Guys... No WORDS can Explain to you what I saw yesterday. I HAVEN'T Seen FISH Like this in YEARS! Years. They were ALL Over the boat - Feeding... It was Awesome.

One right after another... We rotated people. It was So thick w/ Yellowfin tuna we would pitch a bait... Throw one into the boat and pitch another one out and a Fish was ON in less than 5 minutes.

This went on for 3+ hours!

Double headers, Fish heading up to the bow, Crossing lines and snapping, Shark biting the line as its chasing the Tuna coming up... AMAZING S**t guys.

It all died out around 10:30-11pm and was DEAD until 4 am and it was On Again!

One right after another... By 5-5:30 we had Struggled with 21 Yellowfin that all Ranged from 70-80-85 lbs and the Last one... #9 was thrown into the boat around 5:30 and we called it Quits.

We had to Dress all the Tuna because we Ran out of Room and Ice to keep them!

530 Pounds of DRESSED Tuna Fish onto the Scales! Dressed! We had 2 Real Nice 80lb Yellow fin and the rest were around the 70 lbs mark.

I am SO Sore... I really feel like I have been Beat up!

Thanx to Everyone that fished on the boat. We pulled off a trip in LESS than 2 hours and were #2 High Hook for the day! Seeing a whole String of Tuna Flags up the outriggers is ORGASMIC!

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That's why we go, every once in a while it happens just right...

excellent report!


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That's a bunch of meat that's for sure!

Nice work and report!:blob1:

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Thanx Guys!

It certainly Felt good to get the new boat full of Tuna Blood!!! It was a MESS when we Left.... Head to Toe Covered w/ Anything and Everything.

Might try and do it again this weekend if the weather looks good. We shall see... Looks like the tuna are moving South now.

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