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I left home around 8:30am headed for Rudee to catch some more spots for bait. I stay there for 3 hours landed 3 spots & some pigfish which the pigfish I released them back. Called Jamie to see if we could go to Damneck, but he was waiting for his truck so I called Rory & Q to see if I could get a ride which I did around noon. We were off to do some casting off the shores of Damneck to catch some Red Drum after an hour I landed a 1 1/2 foot bluefish. Then Q landed a bluefish. Rory & MaryJo wasn't able to join us ( bummer). So they headed down to Sandbridge to try there luck. Around 2pm Jamie showed up so all three of us tryed our luck to catch some REDS., But me & Jamie were catching small black drum most of the day Jamie also caught 3 bluefish, and Q caught a speckled trout after awhile it was 6:30pm and no REDS., But not a bad day headed home to cook up some fish & rice for the family told Jamie good luck & if you want too know more "click" on to Dixie's report on Damneck to find out????

All together fish that was caught between the three of us were: (5) bluefish, (12) small black drum, (1) spot, and (1) speckled trout!!!!:icon_thumleft::icon_thumleft: Like I said not a bad day fishing got to do it again real soon.

Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!!


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Thanks for the detailed report Leonard ... Jamie said we just missed yall by a few ... we fished after dark to no avail ... while Dixie & Chapa caught smalll critters, I was eating waves:confused4:

Despite casting long with my new "UK" combo (AFAW rod & Penn 535 UK Mag), I couldn't buy a bite :dontknow:

Next time, eh?


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