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Hello all,

I am so glad to find this site and I hope you can help me in my inquiries. I would like like to know the following:

1. Are there places to catch blue crabs without the need for extensive equipments (like big boats)?

2. How about lobsters and crawfish? (that you can catch and eat).

3. Are there places to go fishing (both fresh and salt) and how good are they?

4. Are there places to catch ornamental marine fish for aquarium keeping? I see that Trigger fish are in SC water.

5. Are the beaches white and clean (like the one on Coronna beer ad on TV)?

6. I heard about artificial reefs in SC water. Can I dive and see the fish?

7. I heard about some islands off the SC shore with pristine beaches. Is this true?

I am an avid seafood lover especially shellfish. I love fishing althought I am a raw beginner. I love to be outdoor to fly my remote control planes as well as doing star gazing. I also love to catch marine fish that I can put in my aquarium. Will SC provide my needs?

Thank you and I eagerly look toward your replies. DP

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Not an expert in SC, but your lloking at freshwater around you in Columbia. I know there are someplaces there, but never fished them.

Your gonna have to make a drive to Myrtle Beach or Charleston, SC which are both nice weekend getaways and not too far to see some SaltWater.

Here are some answers to your questions:

1) Spot in MB and Charleston, just got to put in a days work.

2) Not that I know of.

3) Yep, Great spots on the coast.

4) Not sure, maybe on a dive on the coast.

5) Not like the Corona commercial, but nice. CROWDED in season in the tourist spots.

6) Pretty sure, heard some good dive stories years ago.

7) No Idea???

8) Some very nice places there in Columbia and just a few hours away (Charlotte, MB, Charleston, etc...). IT's HOT there in the summer though, whew is it HOT!

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