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I haven't seen an Offshore Report on here for a While...

So, here is one for Everyone. My buddy Tommy stole My Boat last week and did very well...

So this is how the story goes.......

We ran out to the Wilmington and started trolling it was just awesome out there lots of life and some weeds so we stayed busy we worked up to the 100 and hit a ball picked up a dolphin

Worked that ball and picked up two more on spinners with squid

We trolled some more and decided that we needed to be hero or zero so picked up and ran half way between the Spencer and Wilmington. Marked some bait on the 100 and started trolling again within minutes with had a bite turned out to be a nice long fin

Talked to a great guy on the squid boat FLICKA out of cape may and told me he was holding fish so worked my way up to the Spencer. We did not get a bite there so kept going. Got up to the natural hundred and Dave saw some bait so I turned the boat and bam there it was two on and one more chewing the spreader bar

Me just being crazy

So I stuck Daves fish first which was also tied up the the long rigger but it was all good then Robb was next

and I am talking bloody...it was every where but that is a good thing

Just puked up a ton a squid too funny

Robb with his 69 lbs

So we cleaned up and I was like guys we gotta go punched in the number and we had 86 to the barn so I put the coals to it and we were off with 3 hours to kill love a 26knt boat

Still with two hours to go headed due west love it

We got in at 930 and took us a while to clean the boat so got to bed late. All in all we always have a great time even though I pulled a Jim Short a couple of times...too much drinking but if your gonna do it right do it Jim Short style. Did have chicken and beer so maybe that is the trick I don't know. All I can say is that banner day on the Not Right love the boat and can't wait to get out there with Jim and Ryan for one of our Tred Barta trips.

Pretty Work Boys

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Fantastic report and pics as always! Looks like a great time!

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