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I got off work at lunch time 12:30pm headed out to Rudee got there around 1pm tossed out a line on my light tackle rod using real bloodworms for bait it was slow at first, but with in one hour the spots were biting also the pigfish were too. I had 5 spots to start threw all the pigfish back because they were small I had caught 15 pigfish all afternoon. , but I was after spots had 5 more around 3pm , but had to go to Bruce's tackle shop for more bait went back to Rudee at 3:45pm an within the next few hours landed a few more spot left there with 15 good size spots not a bad day.

Now got alot of fish to fry for Sunday LOL:lol:!!!

I heard you had a good charter trip Jamie sorry I missed ya out fishing today maybe we can get together for some fishing another day give me a call later. :cya:

Great White Shark :glasses2:, OUT!!!!


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Yep, Thanks for the report Leonard!

Better stock up on those spot head while ya can. Drum candy!

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