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Wasn't planning on fishing today, but Bucket was taking his daughter down to Back bay for a few hours, so I asked my son if he wanted to go and he was ready.

Fished a few hours and Bucket's daughter and my son helped each other reel in a few spots. Nice to have some bait catchers!:icon_tongue:

Bucket and I didn't manage much, he got a few spots and I got one small blue. No runs of any kind and the bite died off about an hour or so after we were there. I did get bit off by one blue, but that was all the excitement there was.

Plenty of people on the beach today and it was good to see C-Dog out there as well.

Hope the pups move in soon!

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... out did us again, Blakey Boy & Baby Bird were digging on the Refuge beach exploration and the Spots, good way to wrap up Summer 2007 :icon_thumright:

Of course, what little bite we had died when the Dawg hit he beach?! Starting to think he has the same effect ol'Al has on professional over runs :dontknow:


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