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Fished Avon, Outer Banks last week. Great weather Monday- Thursday, lots of shooting stars. Had 17 pick-ups for the week from nice sized fish. Meaning ones that bend the rod and scream line when they hit. Landed three of the smallest sharks ever! They didn't scream line, I didn't know they were on until I checked the bait:confused4: I had visual conformation on 3 sharks in the 6-8 foot range before either cutting my steel cable or fraying the line above my 6 foot cable. YES! I had a 6 foot steel cable shark rig cut in half. I had 4 cables cut during the week. Had 2 fray the line above the 6 foot cable. I had one 5 footer jump about 6 feet out of the water while bending the swivel on my cable open. My wife hooked up with a 6 foot ray, that was interesting. While she fought that I hooked up on another rod and my third rod got a pick-up and got spooled. I didn't have any luck landing big ones, but had a great vaca to say the least. I got to go to the beach and shark fish and my wife and dog loved every minute. I few pictures for the ones who like visuals....maybe I'll be at Assateague Island over Labor Day if I can find a place to stay. Cheers!














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Thanks for the report and Great Pictures!

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Sweet pictures!

Looks like you got a hold of some Atlantic Sharpnose in those pictures!

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