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Well, after setting up with my new gear I was feeling high as a kite! I had new sand spikes, (pics to come), and new reels and hooks, well I was feeling good. Then I looked at Dad's fishing gear... Three year old walmart rigs. Didn't spend more than 45 bucks a setup.

To be honest, this is how we both started. And I'm sure a lot of you out there started this way. You go get what you think will work and where is the best place to find pretty much anything? Walmart!!! :loveit:

Anyway, It was corroding, the line was too big for the reels, the reels were squeaking and loose the rods were wobbly... I started feeling sorry for old pop.

So, Dad and I took a little trip to get some hip boots at Gander Mountain Yesterday. They were having a great sale on nearly ALL their clothes. I got a $270 Columbia Waterproof jacket for only $65.

Anyway, so after getting some clothes and some hip boots for Dad, we headed to the fishing section. Now I've got a buddy over there named Jack. He is more excited about fishing than anyone I've seen in a while. He knows everything about everything and won't hesitate to tell you what he doesn't like about certain reels. I told Jack that Dad needed something for surf fishing to fit 2 12' tica rods. Dad looked at me funny, like, "I don't have 2 12' tica rods". :wink:

Well, he was gettin em. Today.... So Jack pulls out the Monster of all surf fishing spinning reels (cause I can't get dad to use conventional yet) the SHIMANO STRADIC 8000FH. Man, this thing was smooth:

-4 Stainless steel BB + 1 roller bearing

-Fluidrive II Gearing System

-Aluminum Body Construction

-Dyna Balance Wobble Free System

-Super Stopper II Anti-reverse Bearing

-Over-sized power roller line roller

-Floating Shaft design

-Gear ratio 5.7:1

Smooth as butter.

We got two of them. :-)

So, we setting everything up last night, for our trip today. He puts a heavy egg sinker on and goes out to the field to test the casting with his new setup. He lets it rip! About 100 yards! As he is reeling it back in, he notices some resistance, but thinks it's just the sinker in the grass... Nope. The tip on the rod was cracked and it was fraying his NEW LINE! BUMMER!

So, we called up Bev & Terry at Harbor Tackle, hoping they would be in on a Sunday evening. They answered and told us to bring it in. Well, Terry fixed it right up with a brand new tip, better than new.

So, we get home and we load up the Jeep. Dad and I are excited to hit the beach with his new surf fishing gear. I'm almost feeling an Euphoric effect, I'm so excited for him. He has never had such nice fishing gear before and It really does make a difference.

This morning, I run over to his house, he opens the door. I say, "Dad, I'm gonna put a little bit about your new real on the site, what kind was it again?" He says with with a blank look on his face, "I dunno".


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Sounds like a great thing you did for your father Sam. That brightened my morning!

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Will you adopt me?


All of my big surf rods are at least 20 years old and K-Mart blue light specials.

Nice going, I know Bud is a happy Pop!

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