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Headed out with Kibaro for a little afternoon light tackle fishing. Conditions were against us with a 14-17 North wind which made things difficult.

Set up at our usual spot which was a bit sheltered. Kibaro lands a 13" flounder then lands a nice fat one that will be close to a keeper. Put her against the tape and she went 18" (.5" short) so we tagged her and back in she went.

No mullet like last week, but plenty of silversides and other minnows against the wall. For myself I walked away with what looked like a skunk. The first one for me in a while and I was not happy.

We decided to stop at another spot real quick and see what it looked like. I took out my rod and put on a new grub and tossed it out. Worked it back in real slow and bam NO MORE SKUNK, as I pulled in a 13" flounder which was tagged and released. Tossed back out and got a small croaker as well.

That was it for the day, too bad Kibaro's flounder wasn't a touch bigger as nhe would have had dinner.

Gotta work on Sunday so no more fishing for me!:angry9:

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so tell me kind sir- where is "our usual spot" and I will meet you there sometime, I bet you drove right by the house didnt you ? :bootyshake: use the PM box so the unwanted lurkers wont show up and i gotta start gutting ppl.

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