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August 10, 2007


It has been a wonderful week of warm weather and light winds. Watching the sun slowly rise over the mangrove islands truly a sight to behold. It's a fantastic time of year to get out on the water. Drink plenty of fluids and head out to your favorite fishing spot! Fishing slowed down the first part of the week, but picked back up the latter part. It looks like a great weekend ahead of us here on the Treasure Coast!

Trout fishing picked back up by the last of this week and we had some really nice catches on both top water and live bait. Geoff Kahler topped off this weeks trout with a huge 29" gator trout on a top water lure. Rick Monterosso added a big 23" and Joe Vennarini added his share to the catch, too. Get out early for the best bite. Look to the usual trout spots like Round Island, Harbor Branch and the east shore to the south of Fort Pierce.

With the heat and water temps much higher, the redfishing slowed down for us this week. Look the deeper water off the flats to find some hanging around. I believe once the water cools off some next month, we will find them back in their old haunts again. Eric Turgeon boated a very nice 27" redfish on a soft bait in three feet of water around the flats.

Snook fishing has been an early bite and not many reports this month as they are still out of season. Joe Vennarini boated two snook this week with the largest at 26" on an early morning top water. They will continue patrolling the shallow flats before the sun rises for an early morning meal. The bridges and docks will also hold snook during the daytime. Live bait will be the best choice once the sun comes up.

We had two huge fish lost around the docks this week. Todd Dziak and Rick Monterosso both had large fish hit a live pinfish and take off to parts unknown. From the way they fought, it was most likely a big grouper or black drum. Lots of snapper are still around the river along the channel edges and docks. We have still found some ladyfish and jacks around the river and some bluefish have continued to cut lines off. Get out there early!

Tip of the Week:

Keep cool out there on the water! Easier said than done I guess. Drinking lots of fluids, wearing a hat and getting out on a plane once in a while can all help. A lot of boats, like mine, don't offer shade or cover and keeping cool in 90 degree weather is very important. Wetting a towel in cool water and putting it around your neck can help keep you cooler. Getting on the water early and off the water before the worst of the days heat arrives can also help. The fishing is great this time of year, so keep your cool out there while you are fishing!!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,

Captain Charlie Conner

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