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Did honey do's this AM and then the wife let me get out to fish a bit. Kibaro and I headed out and had line in the water by 12:30pm at NOB.

Hot as a freaking :grommit: outside today and little or no wind at all.

I was fishing a chartreuse 4" gulp swimming mullet with a 1/8 oz jig when I coaxed this little guy to bite.


Kibaro measured him at a whopping 12", then tagged and released him.

From there out is was extremely slow, except for all the mullet everywhere. I took out the half broke cast net and gave it a few whirls. Had a ton of great looking finger mullet in no time with a few bigger mullet as well.

Put some out, but no takers! :icon_pale:

Was getting ready to pack up when I switched to a red head 1/4 oz jig with a white 4" gulp. Tossed it out and had a flounder start to tap it, but it wouldn't eat. I then started to reel in to check the tail of the grub when WHAM, I got nailed by something.

Didn't know if it was a nice flounder or what. After a minute, I got it to surface and saw it was a nice healthy pup. Kibaro assisted me getting him over the rail, then a quick photo, tagged and released.


Pup was pretty and had two spots on his tail which was pretty cool. Made my day right there needless to say. She went 19 1/2 inches and was pretty fat.

That was it for the day, now I'm back inside after vac-sealing all the mullet I cast netted today for bait later on.

Have a good weekend!:happy3::happy3:

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reel purty werk on the spotted tail, Steve.

gonna take the kids (Clare and her friend) out to the LIP on Saturday night fer some CNR....maybe mixit up w/ the Spaniards.

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