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Would like to hear the pro's and con's on these rods, before i buy one.

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Relatively cheap in the world of heavers

will throw 8+ chunk well

$ for $ one of the best out there

a big upgrade over Tica for heavy weight


may be a soft for a powerful caster on higher weights

like 8+head or 10 n bait

Components are a complaint of some people

For AI fishing I'd spend the $200 on 2 Ocean Master Cape Points (when on sale $100) that can throw 10+ a head in striper and drum conditions. Have someone rebuild the handle or do it yourself for $15 in parts. I say this because you may get 10 yards more with 6+bait but once you hit 8 and 10 you'll be even IMO.

The difference between the OMCP's and HDX isn't worth the $85 (after alterations) price tag. If you already have big weight heavers and are looking for a 6-8 rocket then the HDX is a great choice at $200. Once you enter the $300 range things get substantially different in weight etc. This isn't really a concern when spiking, if I remember you're a big enough dude to handle any heaver out there when casting and spiking.

Just some food for thought...

Also, don't forget you know a guy...ehemmm...that builds customs at cost, if you can wait. For another 25% you can get into the world of custom heavers.

Some more questions for you:

What are you fishing now?

Conv or spinning?

What do you want to accomplish with new rod? e.g.What do you want it to give you that you don't have now?

What distances do you expect with fishing weight?

What is your casting style?

If you answer these I can rank some rods for you to choose in that price "range".

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I had the ldx and I can't stand the rod for 2 reasons...The components are cheap and the quality of build is very suspect. The guides were improperly aligned and epoxy dripped all over the top of the guides.

Now that I said that, they do stand behind their product but you can't do anything about the cheap components. They were willing to exchange the rod but I decided to take some off the tip and handle and I fixed the guides myself. I thought the ldx was way to wimpy throwing 5 and small chunk, thats why I started cutting.

I do like the blank, and have heard the hdx is good, but have heard the same complaints, workmanship and components.

I am with charkbait, fork out the extra cash, get a custom or go with a OM that is cheaper and can handle heavier payloads. If you are interested in a custom, drop me a pm and I could give you a price on a custom rainshadow.

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