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We had the blues alright !! BLUE CATS that is,on the fast flowing tidal James River :::

Left the house yesterday enroute to meet a buddy from the catfish site from west virginia. Hopewell 3pm launch time, arrived a bit early and Jim was there already and waiting to go ...... launched and set out the bait net up in the creek upriver of jorden point, got all the shad we needed in one drop while i casted netted a couple more.

Headed to that big bend in the river where theres a secret spot that no ones knows but Jim (36*54.449 N 076*05.529 W) we all know now tho....anchored in shallow water and cast to the deep cuts in front of us. the fish finder was slam loaded with fish....1000's and 1000's of stripers busting the water and birds just every where picking up baitfish scraps until the sun went down.....we had to go out around the thunderstorms you all had but we never got wet.....moved up river to where his buddy was at put out baits again there and moved when the lightning crashed threw the trees.....heard the guides Kevin above us and Hughe way up from us......they all caught nice fish too. we had mostly dinks until after a nap at 3 am we swapped out baits with fresh shad and live bait too....at 0434 Jim got a sweet 25 pounder and then an hour later a fatter 28 pounder at 0534 ....he wouldnt kiss either one but I sure did before we set em free to get bigger.....just after sun-up I net a very long gar and Jim checks its weight at 14 pounds even !! Jim did a special dance with the gar and gave it back to mother nature......saved a 5 pounder and a 7 pounder for the fryer....fresh catfish for supper tonite and 4 packs for the freezer......what a great nite on the water and 80% of it was smooth and barely breezy under a full moon....we lacked fish over 30 pounds but ya cant have it all at once and we had everything else,I'll get my 50 pounder next time- Thanx for a great time Jim.....hope to re-pay you with some saltwater action real soon !!





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Oh man, that is some schweeet fishin'!

Kicked back on a quiet river, only sound is the fish bustin' loose!

I need to find somewhere on the Potomac in Mont or Fred County.

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