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Wake up early as my body won’t let me forget the 6am alarm clock, guess the older you get the earlier you rise? Down two cups of java, then start the dubious task of filleting last night’s catch. Filet up the horse croakers and toss the remains in a 5 gallon bucket, so I can go empty and re-bait the crab pots in a few. Ended up cutting the smaller croaker in half to use for crab bait. Spot is for cut bait later in the day.

Set out in the ole trusty Jon Boat and pull up the two pots I put out the day before. To my surprise I had about 6-8 decent crabs between the two pots. Dump out the crabs and toss some juicy croaker heads in for bait and dump them back over along with two more freshly baited pots as well. Head back into the dock and put the crabs in the holding pen in time to see my parents strolling up the beach. Nice surprise as I don’t think my Mom and Dad have been down to this little place together since about 10-12 years ago.

We all have breakfast then my Mom says she want’s to fish. Well I ain’t EVER heard that before, so I put out some rods for her. Tide and wind not in our favor for fish during the early to mid part of the day, but made it very enjoyable. Fish were not cooperating, but I did manage to pull the smallest flounder of my life out of the water on a jig. Flounder must have gone a whopping 5-6” tops. How he ever got the hook in his mouth I couldn’t tell ya. I also managed one small spot on the jig as well right after the flounder.

Wind laid down in the late afternoon, early evening and went back out to the dock with my son. Put the lines in the water and slowly, but surely we start catching some spot and croaker. Croaker tonight started off big again with some nice horses on BWFB. Took some cut spot and put it out and got some hits on that as well, but no hook ups.

Decided to toss out a spot head and see what happens. While I am busy reeling in some nice croaker again, my spot head takes a big bounce then stop for a second and another bounce. I grab the rod, but nothing there. Reel in and the spot head is gone! Put out some more cut spot, but could not get hooked up at all! Crabs or croaker?????

Continued fishing till about 9:30pm, and between my son and I we got about 6 nice horse croaker , some smaller ones that will be used for crab bait again tomorrow, and a small southern stingray. A couple down from us tonight a few docks were catching some spot and they also landed a small 8” rockfish, which they released. Fish breaking the surface all evening, but could not get them to bite. I’m thinking they were some small greys like Bucket and I caught a few years back, but not sure.

Another great sunset and enjoyed the Osprey tonight hovering around the water searching for their next meal.

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Beautiful pictures!:icon_thumleft:

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