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It’s been a year and a half since I last took a vacation, so needless to say I was looking forward to a little R&R. The trip down to the Rappahannock took a bit longer than expected with the kids and dog off cycle with their potty breaks along with a bridge lift at the Colman Bridge on 17N.

Finally arrived about 1pm and was almost 2:30pm before we were unpacked and somewhat set up. Kids and dog immediately went to the water while I got the crab pots baited with some turkey necks (Low on crab bait), and put them out for the night.

About 5pm I am able to get the rods in the water baited with some green shrimp Fishbites and bloodworm Fishbites. Fished for about an hour and managed a few bites with a small spot to show.

Fed the kids, watched a beautiful sunset and got the kids to bed, then the wife and I went back out to fish.

Fished some brined shrimp and BWFB. A few small croaker at first, then my light rod starts to scream some drag. I grab it and in comes a nice horse croaker at about 16+ inches. As I am getting him off the hook, my middle rod starts singing, so I drop the horse croaker into the cooler, grab the rod, but the fish is gone. As I am putting that rod back in the rod holder, my 1267/ABU combo goes wild. I am going crazy at this point as my wife went back inside to get me a beer and I had no help. Pick up the rod, but the fish was gone as well. Nice little spurt of croaker I went through!

The wife and I ended up with a dozen small to medium sized croaker and one more spot which were saved for crab bait and cut bait. Also managed to pick up two more horse croaker up to 17 ½” long.

Going in to rest my back as I about threw it out again today loading and unloading stuff!

Weather was low 80’s with a North wind at around 10-12mph.

Here's some Pic's of where I stayed and some croakers we caught:




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Nice looking croakers there looks like you all had a good time..

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