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July 19, 2007


Imagine being out there on the river and suddenly finding yourself surrounded by over a hundred redfish. Well, that's just what Mike Mixon and Mike DeRosa experienced this week. We were fishing along the flats and they had already boated three nice reds. I knew the reds were still sitting ahead of us, but once they had turned and moved towards us.....we froze as more than a hundred redfish swam around us and headed south. We had been fortunate that some pesky dolphin had came onto the flats and happened to stir up the sunning reds. Lisa Weston and Johnny also witnessed the many redfish that have populated the Treasure Coast this year. I love fishing this time of year!

I guess you have figured out that redfish was out target fish this past week. Mike and Mike teamed up for three reds from 22 - 27" this week. The water has become very clear and the fish are easily scared now. Stealth is a must to approach any redfish that you might find on the river. Soft baits have worked best for us. Fish them slowly to have a chance at a hookup.

Trout have been biting in the deeper water both early and during the day as the tide moves. Lisa Weston caught a couple nice trout in the 18-20" range on live pinfish. Look for grass flats that run 3-5 feet deep and use some live baits to get some trout action. Harbor Branch and Round Island have been productive recently.

Snook fishing around the spillways and bridges has continued to be good. I don't target snook this time of year as they are out of season. Mike DeRosa did catch a nice 24" snook though while we were fishing on the trout flats. There are many large fish in the shallow flats this time of year. Live bait has worked best for us.

Snapper are still being caught on the channel edges and around the bridges. Bonita, spanish mackerel and jacks have been around the inlet feeding on the glass minnows. Shiny spoons or something similar can get you hooked up with a good fight. Tarpon, snook and jacks have been along the beaches chasing bait. Early morning fishing can give you a good chance at a hookup in the surf.

Tip of the Week.

Temperatures have been in the 90's lately and it can get mighty hot out there. Make sure you are using good sunscreen to keep from getting a bad sunburn. Find one that is waterproof and use it several times throughout the day. There are many brands and types. Use an SPF that will keep you safe from the sun's rays. Make sure your fishing adventure doesn't end up bright red!

As always remember, fishing is not just another hobby.....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing,

Captain Charlie Conner

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Thanks for the report, Fishtales! Great advice. :icon_thumright:

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