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I am mostly a "boat" fisherman and I see alot of you-do the Surf thing. I have a 8" BPS rod and a Quantam Brute wth 20lb test that I use for jetty/pier and surf fishing. so what are some other good rod n reel combos :?:

the reel I have is ok but I'm guessing I need a longer rod(wives need not reply) :oops:

also Im looking at a Shimano BTR6500B "Baitrunner" as I have 2 3500 Baitrunners and they work great :!::!:

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I use some less costly stuff. Have 2 11' Okuma Longitude 4-10 oz poles. Very stiff and seem to hold up well enough for me in the heavier surf conditions. I caught a nice 5' plus sandbar shark with this outfit last summer. Also have an okuma spinner reel and a Daiwa jupiter spinner. 2 complete set-ups for bout 200 bucks. Works for me. :kid: If that 8 footer is stout enough for a few oz of lead. The shorter length can be made up for with an extra tall sand spike to clear the breakers with yur line. But check the weight rating. Ive snapped a few gettin greedy... :censored:

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