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:hello: Once upon a time, as these stories go, in a land far, far, away from here, there is a story of a brave warrior named Shortcake as told to me by a very famous Indian Chief Traynor Ora Halftown, full-blooded Native Indian from the Seneca tribe in upstate New York. Now the chief drank in New Jersey and worked in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA, a former mummer regular, you may 'goggle' the chief if you like, this sensational reliving of yester year was in the area of the Grand Canyon, AZ. "Ees da sa sussaway" which was Seneca for "Let us begin" or "Let's get started." The idea was actually his mom's. He just wanted to say, "roll the cartoon." Now, the best I reckon I can recall from the Chief's story is that: For a long time a large bear, gigantic in size to the average indian tribe member back in the day. Well, this bear was always scarring the woman squaws and the nine (9) little indians. So the Chief called NATO tribal members and had a pow wow wow, he wanted a volunteer to rid the area of the big bear. So, a very brave warrior, named Shortcake volunteered for the mission. The chief told Shortcake: "Nya-wey." That means thanks in Seneca. He was the only taker. He left for the black hills of North Dakota (no GPS back then) and was gone for several weeks. Finally the Chief sent a search and rescue (S&R) party to look for Shortcake. The reason is that after a few days the big bear never, ever returned to the area of operations (AO) of the Indians. Within a few days, the S&R team members returned carrying Shortcake's lifeless body. The team told the Chief and members of No Action, Talk Only (NATO) present at the time, that they did find the big bear not alive, with Shortcake's knife still in him. Shortcake must have died in the battle with the bear. The Chief wanted a grand funeral for the tribal hero. But, noooooooooo, Shortcake's wife, Sally the Starr from Popeye theater fame, told the Chief: "Squaw bury Shortcake!".

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