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Those are a crazy idea and they present other challenges.

When you have someone fishing along the main rail, the person can throw across the other's line quite easily. It's more likely because when you fish the cuts, the current is really ripping through and there will be more casts. Will it keep someone off the main area of the bridge? Yeah, sure it will, but who cares? There is plenty of room for someone to walk or ride a bike through even if people are tossing from both sides.

I see it as a waste of money, perhaps they could spend the money on some extra trash cans. The cans already there get filled pretty quickly, maybe another trip with the trash truck and extra cans would help.

When I fish the cuts from the bridges, I toss up current and let it ride back to just under the bridge. Or, the other side down current and bring it back. What is that little section going to do to help? Nothing.....

Maybe spend the money ripping out those dadburn sticky burrs, man, they hurt! How about taking the top off the RR bridge and fix the deck? What about cleaning up the 7 mile bridge, that thing is literally falling into the water.

There are so many other projects that would actually help, like cleaning up the glass at the Vaca Cut!!!!!!

Fishing platforms, ROTFLMAO!!!!

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