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Depending on your location, the drought plaguing Southwest Florida is either a bane or a boom in freshwater fishing.

The pros at Bait N Wait on Fort Myers Beach say that their freshwater business is dead. Requests for freshwater bait such as worms have dried up more than local lakes.

But the pros at Estero River Outfitters take a little different view.

Many freshwater options in Southwest Florida, such as Ten Mile Canal, are still hot spots, according to Estero River Outfitters because most have tidal surges. Lakes at local golf courses are another hot spot for freshwater anglers.

While the drought has reduced some freshwater spots, it has also concentrated where fish live. This is a plus to anglers. Further, any weir, spillway or other moving waterway should be a prime location for fish.

Freshwater anglers might have a few challenges to get to their favorite areas (Lake Okeechobee might present more challenges than Southwest Florida for those headed there), but just like their saltwater cousins, fishing is great right now.


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