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Hit BB this morning with Kibaro. The morning was beautiful and when we got onto the beach and started our trek down to the hole, we noticed an abundance of Menhaden right in the surf all the way down the beach.

Got set up and lines in the water at 7:15am for the last of the outgoing and we were not expecting much till the incoming. Put out some cut bait, BW, and sand fleas.

The abundance of sand fleas and Coquina clams was amazing and they were just about everywhere as were the Menhaden.

Here's a shot of the Coquina clams:


Very slow morning, but we were entertained by the dolphins jumping and herding up the menhaden from time to time. We decided to put on a stingsilver and toss out into the menhaden hoping there were so blues around as well, but we managed was to snag a few menhaden.

Water was so clear you could everything except the flounder or something I stepped on that scared the bejesus out of me for a few seconds. Besides the Menhaden, you could see thousands of glass minnows swimming everywhere, we were suprosed that we did not have any bites.

Finally I got on the board with a 3ft Atlantic Shapnose that took a bluefish head.


Shortly after that I was walking in the wash when I saw a nice 30" puppy drum swimming right in front of me. A little while later, Kibaro ended up catching him on a sand flea right in the wash. He went a touch over 28" when we measured him.


We manged a few small blues on cut bait, but that was prtty much it for the day. Not many fish, but a great day to say the least!:icon_rr:

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Nice post Steve. Thanks for the report and pics.

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Great looking red! I sure wish we caught those up here that size. I'm not complaining, we have one heck of a September.

That sharpnose looks like good grillin!

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