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Some people come to the beach to just sit back, relax and soak in some rays. To those people, we say: "Hey Nancy, why don't you wake up and live a little. You're one day closer to being dead and here you are on vacation getting a slow motion cremation from the sun."

The excitement factory, that is the Beachcomber, that other breed of vacationer -- the one that comes to the resort to cut loose with thrills so wild they can't remember work for a week because they're too freaked out to think.

So this, fellow adventure seeker is for you: Our guide to the most thrilling adventure at the beach.


Regular fishing is kind of exciting, we suppose, but how about tossing thirty or forty gallons of dead fish behind your boat until you're surrounded by a swarm of sharks out in the middle of the Atlantic? Sharking continues to explode in this area, and there's no better known sharker than Captain Mark Sampson, who runs day long shark fishing charter trips out of the Ocean City Fishing Center in West Ocean City.

Sampson is like the Crocodile Dundee of sharks here. He knows everything about the animals and respects them, but he'll still track 'em down, gig 'em in the gills and send his charter customers home with a cooler full of once-deadly mako shark.

A typical shark fishing scene goes like this: You're watching a bunch of little blue and dusky sharks chow down on chum when they suddenly disappear and out comes a giant thresher shark weighing, oh, say, 600 pounds. The thresher bites in to a big fat hook and the next thing you know Sampson is strapping you into a fighting chair and 30 minutes later you've fought the beast all the way to the boat.

It's a strange experience to be happy about bringing a giant shark to within a couple feet of your hand, that's for sure.


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Yeah, but they can't have a roaring bonfire, can they?

And 20 buddies pouring beer on your head as you reel in a toothie for 2 hours.


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