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The weather is beautiful, the scenery is phenomenal and the fish are to out there be had.

Those that kayak seem to glide into a wonder world of edgy fishing that prompts the rest of us to consider. Being a little on the cautious side, the possibility of being "caught with bait" by a shark is more than a little intimidating, or how about those brave souls that head out through the surf much like the days of old when men took their pound boats through the surf?

Somehow, the smell of the salty air, the sound of the pounding waves and the anticipation of the line screaming through the reel stuffed into a sand spike next to my beach chair is a little more my speed.

I have to admit I do admire and pretend a little that it could be me braving the unknown... until I can no longer restrain my cautious nature from shaking me back to the reality that all of mankind can't be that adventuresome... some of us have to be happy and content just watching them.:confused1:

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