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If you are fishing for red drum in the summer you have to follow the baitfish as the drum will do the same with the movement of the tides. Moving out with the tide means they will stay in deeper water were the tidal flow happens. Since summer is when the rain is the heaviest it is also when the change of salinity changes and the drum population suffers.

Red drum is being caught during the whole year, but each season is different and there are certain things we must be mindful of. For example, in the summer, the younger fish are in the headwaters of the creeks while the larger fish are mature enough to breed and will be offshore, so it is important to return the smaller fish that are caught to assure they have a chance to live at least five years to reach maturity and at least 27+ inches in length.

It is up to you to stay within the five fish limit and practice catch-&-release of the smaller juveniles to provide future red drum recreational fishing.


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